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Professional Concrete Driveway Lifting in MD, NVA & DC

Concrete Slab Jacking Inc. offers professional concrete driveway lifting & support. Your driveway is exposed to daily pressure from the weight of vehicles, exposure to the elements, and even foot traffic. This commonly overlooked surface is used daily and goes through a lot of wear and tear. If your concrete driveway is sinking causing uneven joints we can raise it! Our professional concrete raising services fix uneven, damaged driveways to make a safer environment by eliminating trip hazards and preventing future damage from sinking and settling.

Unlevel Concrete Driveway in Maryland

Correct Your Driveway With Expert Repairs

Fixing your uneven driveway prevents accidents, injuries, and vehicle damage. Our concrete lifting experts will help you repair your driveway and perform a free evaluation. We provide quality services at an affordable price to fix issues and add curb appeal to your home.

Providing Optimal Lifting Solutions

We offer the best solution for uneven, cracked, and damaged driveways. Our polyurethane foundation recovery lifts your driveway in place using a specified level of expansion force. This foam can be customized to apply to various situations. It quickly expands and hardens, becoming a reliable base for the concrete. The polyurethane provides a consistent, durable layer of support that will not aggravate weakened soil. This method of concrete jacking is less invasive and less disruptive. You will be able to use your driveway again in a relatively short time. Our professionals will ensure that you receive optimal results.

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