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Expert Concrete Porch & Patio Leveling in MD, NVA & DC

Concrete Slab Jacking Inc. offers affordable concrete porch and patio raising. Digging up old concrete and replacing it with a new slab is messy, inconvenient, and expensive. Adding wet concrete to an already compromised soil base can worsen the problem. Alternatively, our company provides a cost-effective and convenient solution for repairing sunken concrete. If your porch is uneven or settling to one side, we’ll help you determine why the porch is settling and how to go about concrete lifting. Utilizing the latest technology, we fix sinking concrete porches and patios by filling the base with highly durable leveling polyurethane foam. We give a 3-year guarantee on our work!

Leveled Patio Floor in Maryland

Make Your Leaning Porch Level Again

An uneven concrete porch can be leveled with our professional concrete raising services. Replacing uneven concrete costs more than twice as much as repairing it. Our company uses quality polyurethane foam to raise concrete. This material fills the void between the concrete porch and the soil beneath it to give it a solid base to rely on. This solution lasts far longer and is much more effective than heavy mudjacking which adds even more weight accelerating future settlement. The entire process can be completed within a single working day.

Why Is My Patio Cracking or Sinking?

Your patio is a heavy concrete slab that puts continuous downward pressure on the soil beneath. If the soil underneath is wet, weak, or poorly compressed, it will become compromised, and your patio will crack or sink. A lack of support makes your patio susceptible to damage. Groundwater can accelerate this problem by displacing the soil beneath the heavy concrete. This may seem more of a nuisance than an urgent issue, but sunken concrete creates tripping hazards and unsightly cracks and gaps. To get your concrete patio fixed right away, request a free estimate from our expert consultant.

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