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Durable Pool Deck Leveling in Maryland, Virginia, & Washington DC

Concrete Slab Jacking Inc. offers professional pool deck leveling in Maryland, Virginia, & Washington DC. We provide a fast and cost-effective solution to concrete repairs for your pool. Polyurethane foam jacking lifts pool decks without breaking your budget. Our repairs are practical and efficient without causing a mess. This simple and effective solution offers long-lasting results with a fast curing time. We level concrete quickly and effectively with affordable services that last. Our method of pool deck leveling is cleaner, more effective, and more affordable than other repair methods. We prioritize quality workmanship and excellent customer service.

before and after pool deck leveling in Maryland

Why Repair Concrete Around Your Pool

Heavy concrete places immense pressure on the surrounding soil. Concrete pool decks are susceptible to wear and damage. Soil compaction, dry soil, and water issues can lead to sinking and cracking. While this may only seem inconvenient, unlevel pool decks can become unsafe and cause tripping hazards and slippery puddles. Our professional team will fix your shifted concrete slabs to make your pool deck safer. Thankfully, there’s no need to replace your entire deck or tear out concrete slabs. Our team offers immediate, cost-effective raising and leveling repairs. We can eliminate tripping hazards around your pool.

What Makes Our Services Stand Out

Because our injection equipment is fully sealed and isolated to the sunken area, the repair process is quieter and less disruptive to your daily life. Our non-invasive technique requires only tiny 3/8″ holes drilled into the concrete. Our quick-setting foam expands and hardens, providing durable reinforcement. Polyurethane foam is a waterproof, environmentally friendly compound that withstands water from your pool, weather conditions, and varying temperatures. Its lightweight structure reduces the chances of resettling. Your concrete can be used only 30 minutes after repairs are complete. Our expert technicians will make your pool deck function as well as new.

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