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Lift Sunken Concrete With Polyurethane Foam in MD, NVA & DC

Concrete Slab Jacking Inc. lifts sunken concrete slabs using HMI Polyurethane which is a high-density, geotechnical expanding foam that hardens as it expands, creating a strong, solid base to support and lift sinking concrete. The foam cures quickly so your lifted concrete can be walked on and driven over almost immediately. Because it’s lightweight, it won’t cause your concrete to sink again over time. It can lift sidewalks, steps, basements, and airport runways. It works in wet and dry conditions and expands to fill any voids beneath the concrete as it compacts the soil acting link a spring between the soil and underside of the slab.

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The Benefits of Professional Slab Lifting

Lifting your slab does more than restore the cosmetic appearance of your concrete. Our services will boost curb appeal, increase sale value, and return your concrete to its best possible state. We will also stabilize your concrete for increased safety and function, helping you avoid accidents or injury. Concrete that is sunken, unstable, or uneven poses a threat. Tripping and falling on concrete can lead to serious injuries. Concrete lifting makes your surface area more stable and prevents recurring damage by lessening the effects of loose or eroding soil.

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Why Use Polyurethane Foam to Raise Concrete

Although mud jacking was a popular method of concrete lifting in the past, it is far less efficient and effective than polyurethane lifting. Mudjacking is when a slurry of concrete and mud is pumped into the void using a pipe inserted into a hole. The pressure from the concrete slurry lifts the concrete into place and stabilizes as the slurry sets. This method is messy, often ineffective, and takes a long time to set. When the heavy concrete slurry is applied over the weak ground, it can exacerbate the soil, causing the driveway to sink even more.

How & Why Foam Jacking Works

Polyfoam provides substantial lifting capacity despite its lightweight. Polyurethane is a two-part, high-density, geotechnical expanding foam mixed to a specific level of expansion and force. When injected into the void beneath the concrete, it lifts the slab into place. Poly expands quickly and is minimally invasive. Because it is both durable and lightweight, it doesn’t aggravate the soil beneath. It provides a stable layer of support that can handle a substantial amount of weight and pressure. This method is less disruptive than mud jacking. Our poly jacking experts offer professional concrete lifting services for lasting results and a flawless finish.

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