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Your Source for Concrete Sidewalk Leveling

Remedy sunken concrete sidewalks without a complete overhaul by partnering with Concrete Slab Jacking Inc. We are your source for concrete sidewalk leveling services in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC. It’s time to eliminate eyesores, trip hazards, and disruptive procedures with our expert concrete sidewalk contractors.

Workers leveling a concrete sidewalk

Maximize Functionality, Safety, & Aesthetics

Whether you’re a business or homeowner, the importance of a leveled outdoor space is something you must consider. That’s why Concrete Slab Jacking Inc. takes pride in our comprehensive concrete sidewalk leveling services. We reconceptualize concrete sidewalk repair by providing an alternative that not only restores aesthetic value but also upholds the functionality and safety of your property.

Comprehensive Concrete Sidewalk Leveling Services

Concrete Slab Jacking Inc. offers prompt, mess-free solutions to raise sunken sidewalks, even joints, and mitigate hazards. Our concrete slab jacking service is a non-invasive alternative to traditional concrete sidewalk repair. This process is prompt, simple, and, above all, cost-effective. Look to our concrete sidewalk contractors for hands-on service you can count on.

The Reasons Behind Sunken Concrete

Concrete is susceptible to age-related wear and other issues that can lead to sinking. Some of the common sunken sidewalk concerns we take on include:

  • Soil erosion due to evolving soil conditions beneath the concrete sidewalk
  • Improper soil compaction and uneven concrete sidewalk settling
  • Excess moisture, poor drainage, and water damage

Sidewalk Leveling Process

Our concrete sidewalk leveling process involves drilling small holes in existing concrete to support our concrete injection nozzles. Next, we pump HMI polyurethane foam into the holes to form a catalyst compound. This compound fills voids and expands, compacting the soil and lifting the concrete back to its original elevation.

Precision Finish for Even Results

Once polyurethane foam is injected into the access holes, the soil will begin to stabilize, and the concrete will rise. We remove the injection nozzles and patch the holes for a meticulous finish and precise results. We match the patches to your existing concrete for a restoration that boasts safety and a seamless, aesthetically pleasing surface.

workers leveling a concrete sidewalk using professional tools

The Benefits of Concrete Sidewalk Leveling

Concrete sidewalk leveling by Concrete Slab Jacking Inc. is the gold standard for fixing sidewalk concrete. Our approach comes with a wealth of benefits, including:

  • Cost-effective, requiring less expenditure than full replacements
  • Minimally-invasive and non-disruptive
  • Prompt and efficient with minimal downtime
  • Greater safety
  • Light enough to avoid aggravating compromised soil
  • Elevated property value

Concrete Sidewalk Leveling vs Replacement

Concrete sidewalk leveling is more cost-effective and reliable than standard replacements. Slab removal and replacement does not solve the root cause of the sunken sidewalk. When new concrete is poured over weak ground, the risk of further sinking and cracking increases. In contrast, two-part polyurethane foam offers enhanced support without further compromising soil.

The Importance of Concrete Sidewalk Repair

Unsightly concrete cracks only worsen with time, leading to more complex and costly repairs. Sinking sidewalks also have a negative impact on your property value, posing new risks when trying to sell. Furthermore, they are a safety hazard, which may leave you liable for negligence should someone get injured on your property.

Choose Concrete Slab Jacking Inc.

Choose Concrete Slab Jacking Inc. for the gold standard of concrete sidewalk restoration. Since 1994, our family-run business and time-honored professionals have taken on residential and commercial concrete needs with the utmost professionalism and precision. Combining cutting-edge technology and the highest standards of quality workmanship, look to us for long-lasting results.

What You Can Expect

With Concrete Slab Jacking Inc., you can expect nothing short of premium concrete solutions. Some of the leading advantages of our concrete sidewalk leveling service include:

  • Projects completed in one day or less
  • Fast cure times for immediate use upon completion
  • American-made products
  • No damage to the nearby landscape
  • Three-year warranty coverage

Contact Us to Secure Your Concrete Sidewalk Leveling Services

Don’t let unsightly concrete blemishes compromise the form and function of your sidewalks. Get the solution you need with Concrete Slab Jacking Inc. and our comprehensive concrete sidewalk leveling services in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC. Contact our friendly team today to restore your concrete sidewalk and request your free estimate.

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